• soledad llames
We offer advice applying sustainable criteria to:

. Wineries
. Businesses in general
. Private developers
. Professional teams
. Private individuals

We advise on the following areas:

. Garden maintenance at all scales
. Organic vegetable garden management
. Sustainable architecture and urban planning competitions
. Native landscape restoration in damaged areas

We offer training applying sustainable criteria to:

. Gardeners or those aspiring to be so, and private clients: for the maintenance of traditional gardens (general and specific gardening tasks) in a manner that is environmentally conscious.
. Gardeners or those aspiring to be so, private individuals: in xeriscaping (concepts; general and specific gardening tasks; tips) and the maintenance of gardens with xerophytic plants, in the conservation of water and soil and the appreciation of native flora, as well as in the familiarization with the use and management of xerophytic flora from other regions.