Conferences: in all cases the topics included xeriscaping, presentation of environmentally friendly landscaping projects in arid zones for wineries and real estate developments, sustainability, and the search for a local landscaping identity in arid zones.

3rd Seminar: Sustainable Landscaping for Arid Zones. Declared of provincial interest, Legislature of Mendoza. Mendoza. April 2018.

Garden Groups Annual Meeting. AACREA. Laboulaye, Córdoba. “Sustainable Landscaping” conference, May 2016.

First Seminar on Sustainable Landscaping for Arid Zones. Universidad de Congreso, Mendoza. November 2015.

36th Nursery Owners and Flower Growers Congress. 15th Professional Exhibition. Escobar, province of Buenos Aires. April 2015.

37th Argentine Congress of Horticulture, National University of Cuyo, Mendoza. October 2014.